As an instructional leader and coach for educators at all levels, Third Future co-founder Mike Miles has designed and helped others use dozens of his rubrics, templates, concept papers, scenarios and other resources. Versions of most of these documents are currently being used by several schools and districts.  Third Future is providing some of these key resources for your use. Just click on one of the attached documents to download it.  

We will provide more resources at a later date.  Please contact us if there are any questions or if you are looking for a resource to support your work.

Instructional feedback rubric

A campus leader’s primary job is to build staff capacity and improve the quality of instruction.  The administrator should be a coach and provide effective feedback.  The instructional feedback rubric is a tool to assist in the development of principals, assistant principals, and other teacher coaches to provide useful and supportive feedback to classroom teachers.

Effective evaluation systems -- a summary

Across the country many states and districts are having critical discussions about revising the principal and teacher evaluation systems.  The attached paper provides a summary of some of the key considerations for designing effective evaluation systems.

Cabinet-level interview scenarios

Interview scenarios allow the employer to understand the candidate’s thought processes and beliefs more clearly.  In most of the scenarios there are no right or wrong answers.  Instead, the candidate must articulate her rationale and demonstrate her problem-solving ability.  The scenarios attached are for cabinet or central office positions.

Principal evaluation concept paper

In this document, Miles outlines key performance indicators for evaluating principals.  The design elements are based on unique principles of effective evaluation systems he has developed over the last decade.  While this document was drafted for the evaluation system implemented in Dallas, it can be tailored for use in other districts.

Measuring principal effectiveness -- PowerPoint

This PowerPoint provides an overview of the key achievement and performance metrics for assessing principal effectiveness.  It also describes how the principal evaluation must be aligned with other parts of the system and also details key items that must be in place before a system can move to a rigorous evaluation system.

Principal evaluation rubric

Drafted in 2000, this evaluation rubric has been revised several times since then.  Used by several districts, it continues to be one of the clearest and most comprehensive guides for assessing principal performance.

Teacher evaluation concept paper

The Harrison School District in Colorado Springs has used the design elements and concepts outlined in this paper for over six years.  The version attached was developed for the Dallas Independent School District and is based on the work initiated by Miles and his team in Harrison.  Several other districts are experimenting with parts of this unique evaluation system.

Systemic coaching cycle rubric

Every initiative or program needs to be implemented in a systemic way.  Effective schools pay attention to culture, capacity, leadership density, processes, and implementation challenges.  This rubric is one document of an entire set of resources that assist school and district leaders work systemically. 

Action plan - Budget template -- an example

In far too many districts, the budget planning process is disconnected from the action planning process.  This document provides an example of an action plan – budget development timeline used by Third Future to help ensure close alignment between district goals and priorities and the budget.